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A Gosport Marine Scene event.

You are cordially invited to take part in this year’s NAB TOWER PURSUIT, the details of which including the Notice of Event and Entry Form, are now available of the Gosport Marine Scene website via the link below.
Some things, in addition to the event title, have changed for this year:
· A greater emphasis is placed on charitable fund-raising and to this end the points system has been adjusted, so that 50% of points awarded for the event are for monies raised for your chosen charity.
· Gosport Marine Scene wants to focus on the importance of our own charity, encouraging support of Gosport Marine Futures, the programme offering young people a chance to experience the local Gosport marine industry. To date, 18 young Gosport people have benefited from this experience, of which four have now taken up employment in local marine businesses. If you are uncertain as to which charity to choose to raise money for, then please chose Gosport Marine Futures.
· The entry fee for the event has been increased to be more in line with other similar sailing events whilst at the same time, ensuring that Gosport Marine Futures benefits fully from your participation. 100% of your entry fee goes to this great programme.
· There will be additional prizes to compete for this year.

Please note that the Entry Form on the website can be completed online. Note also that the ‘early bird’ entry fee is only up to 15 February, so register your entry NOW! Remember, the earlier you register, the more points you accumulate.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions that are not covered on the webpage.

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Pursuit Director
Gosport Marine Scene
023 9252 0102
07770 771512

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