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Tether hooks

MAIB advice

Following the death of Simon Speirs, who wash washed overboard in the Southern Ocean last November during a headsail change on stage 3 of the race en route to Australia, the Marine Accident Investigation Branch has issued a safety bulletin whilst it looks into the circumstances.

Simon was using a three point webbing tether attached to the integral harness of his life jacket that allowed him to clip on to the boat with a short or long tether.

The MAIB has found that the hook on the end of his tether that was clipped to a jack line became caught under a deck cleat, resulting in a lateral loading that was sufficient to cause the hook to distort and eventually release.

Please make sure that in order to prevent the strength of a safety harness tether becoming compromised in service due to lateral loading on the tether hook, the method used to anchor the end of the tether to the vessel should be arranged to ensure that the tether hook cannot become entangled with deck fittings or other equipment.