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Border security

You could play a role !

Project KRAKEN was established by the Border Force, the National Crime Agency, and local police forces to gather the vital intelligence all law-enforcement agents require to keep the country safe.

As an island nation, our coastline is one of our key defences against those trying to smuggle themselves or harmful goods into the country, but there is also the potential for serious criminals or terrorists to exploit it.

The Border Force gathers and acts on intelligence from a wide range of sources,both in the UK and from overseas. The maritime community is best placed to recognise what is out of the ordinary in its local area.

Please report any unusual or suspicious activity near the UK coastline immediately.

Examples include :

Nervous crew members who lack awareness of maritime protocol or customs;
Vessels showing signs of unusual modifications or damage;
Activity in isolated or remote spots at unusual times of the day;
Attempts to signal to vessels offshore or guide them in to an unusual location.

It is better for the authorities to investigate and find nothing untoward than miss a piece of information that could lead to an arrest.

Please make reports to local Police on 101, or anonymously to Crimstoppers on 0800 555 111, quoting 'KRAKEN'. In an emergency, always call 999.