Hornet News

Training Opportunities in the New Year

Courses in January at the Army Offshore Sailing Centre, Fort Blockhouse that are available to Hornet members.

The Chief Instructor, Phil Brown, has issued his initial training programme for early next year and is offering places on these shore based courses for Hornet members.

The course information is as follows:

10 Jan 18 Weather - be prepared, this will take a few hours to complete
17 Jan 18 Tides and Secondary Ports - should be finished by lunchtime
24 Jan 18 Chartwork and CTS - should be finished by lunchtime

The presentations will begin at 0930 and are FREE to attend. Tea and coffee will be available. Lunch will be available at the Junior Ranks Cafeteria, on a pay-as-you-dine basis, if anyone is interested.

On completion of the sessions, should anyone ask for further topics, these can be provided as and when required.

If anyone within HSSC is interested in attending, please could contact Phil by email to enable him to add their names to the visitors list for Security. These courses are not essential in terms of qualifications and there is no certificate being offered but represent an opportunity to broaden knowledge in the areas covered.

Contact details:

Email: 11X-ChiefInstr-AOSC@mod.uk

Tel Mil: 9380 65457
Civ: 02392 765457
Mobile 07768 925678

Website: www.sailarmy.co.uk