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Oyster farms for marinas ?

10,000 oysters already introduced in the Solent

The Blue Marine Foundation, in conjunction with the University of Portsmouth, MDL Marinas and Land Rover BAR, have introduced more than 10,000 oysters into the Solent.

The ambitious plan is to introduce five million oysters over the next five years, and MDL Marinas will host oyster nurseries under its pontoons.

Adult oysters will be housed in cages attached to the pontoons, and will then release oyster larvae naturally into the water, as well as providing stock with which to seed new oyster beds.

Morven Robertson, Project Officer for Blue Marine Foundation, dismissed fears that oyster larvae could increase fouling of yachts or infiltrate intakes, saying 'oyster larvae prefer to settle on the shells of other molluscs. Oysters do not like fast flow, and the movement of water would be too great for larvae to settle in intakes. A boat hull would also most likely be too smooth for them to settle on. The project is unlikely to disrupt existing anchorages.'